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MEETUP is a new Website that enables Internet users with shared interests to meet in the real world. It's a clever idea, and I find myself surprised it didn't happen sooner. Evite could have easily built this sort of thing on their infrastructure, but they stayed focused primarily on indviduals arranging events with people known to them.

The idea is of MEETUP is simple: Users identify a topic of interest. The MEETUP staff selects a week, day, and time each month when people interested in that topic will gather. People register for topics and then vote on meeting venues. Whereever enough people RSVP, a meeting is held. Meetings occur at the same local time around the world.

I've signed up for four interest groups: blogging, Wi-Fi, French, and Japanese. I'm especially interested in promoting the last as I was one of the people who suggested it, and it was just formed yesterday. So, whereever you are, if you're interested in Japanese (or, as I write this, any of 426 other topics), have a look, register, and get out from behind that monitor!

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