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Is Everything Backward?

From an op-ed piece by Scott Adams in today's New York Times:

Apparently, without anyone's noticing, our entire universe collapsed into a black hole and emerged in another dimension where everything is backward: Bill Gates (who used to be evil) is spending billions to vaccinate children in third-world countries, while the Catholic Church (which used to be good) is defending priests accused of molesting children. The stock market (which used to go up) now only drifts downward. And the surest way to lose respect is to mention you started a dot-com.
Indeed. In the cover story of the current issue of Fortune magazine, we learn of Microsoft's Chief Software Architect:
Friends and relatives say it's the experience of having kids that has most profoundly influenced how Bill is living his life and spending his vast fortune. Only after he had his own toddlers did it sink in how tragic and dicey life is in the developing world, where millions of small children die each year from AIDS or tuberculosis or malaria. "When I looked into it, it surprised me to see such a systematic failure in world health programs.... Those lives were being treated as if they weren't valuable," he says. "Well, when you have the resources that could make a very big impact, you can't just say to yourself, 'Okay, when I'm 60, I'll get around to that. Stand by.' " So now when Bill talks about changing the world, he's talking about doing it not only with software but also with vaccines and food supplements and scholarships.
Next I'm going to hear that a Republican President is pushing protectionist trade laws and expanding farm subsidy programs. Oh, wait...

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