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International Blog MEETUP Day

Today was International Blog MEETUP Day (discussed earlier here). In Raleigh-Durham, we had five bloggers RSVP, but only two showed up -- Sid Stafford of Silflay Hraka and I. Here's Sid:

As I predicted, one of the topics of discussion was the reliability of Blogger. Both Sid and I have experienced a variety of problems with the software -- Sid has lost archive entries, while I've had trouble editing and publishing at various times. Sid is considering a number of alternatives, including Movable Type -- something I've thought about, but fear the "who do you call when it goes wrong" problem. I'm going to stick with Blogger Pro for now and give Pyra time to improve it.

We talked about how to draw traffic to one's site, and I learned about the fine art of blogger fishing -- not to be confused with monkey fishing -- which is drawing looks at one's site by visiting other blogs from a relevant article in your archive and hoping to pique the interest of the other blog owners (who are presumably keeping watch on their site traffic).

Though there were only the two of us, it was a good evening. With luck, we'll double our attendance every month for a while. It feels like blogging as a whole is on an exponential path at the moment, so that doesn't seem so ludicrous.

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