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"I Hate Them!"

While driving to dinner with two of my kids last night, we were talking movies and discussing how, in Attack of the Clones, we loved the scenes with Obi-Wan and yet couldn't stand the scenes with Anakin. "Remember," I asked, "the scene where he comes back after killing the Tusken Raiders?"

ANAKIN hurls something against the wall. He suddenly breaks down, tears forming in his eyes.

        Annie, what's wrong?

        I....I killed them. I killed
        them all. They're dead, every
        single one of them. Not just
        the men. The women and children
        too. They're like animals, and
        I slaughtered them like animals.
        I hate them!

"Imagine," I said, "if Anakin was saying that to Han Solo." We all started laughing. The consensus was that Han would have slapped Anakin in the face, which was what he would have deserved.

As for what George Lucas deserves for writing dialogue like this, that's another matter. I, for one, am through cutting him slack for having made The Empire Strikes Back.

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