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Hotmail Versus Spam

There's a brief article in today's Wall Street Journal on Hotmail's anti-spam efforts. Not a lot of detail, but it does note that:

  • Hotmail has 110 million users (I suppose that means 110 million accounts)
  • Hotmail receives nearly 2 billion messages per day
  • 80 percent of Hotmail's incoming messages are spam
  • Hotmail's message volume has tripled in the last year
For me, the most interesting paragraph in the article was the following:
Internet arithmetic favors spam. Type "bulk email" in Yahoo; you'll see a long list of offers to sell you millions of addresses for a few hundred bucks. That means the tiniest acceptance rate puts you in the black. And so the contemporary spammer is not some shadowy pornmonger, but a debt-plagued middle classer who decides to try spam instead of, say, Amway.
So we have seen the enemy and the enemy is us?

One hopes our elected representatives, having read this article, will take time out from the critically important issues of banning flag burning and enshrining the Pledge of Allegiance as a constitutional amendment and do something about this.

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