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Foghorn Leghorn's Home?

In the course of events at work today, I accidentally rhymed, and almost without thinking said, "I made a funny," in my best Foghorn Leghorn imitation -- 'best' being a relative term, of course. I suddenly wondered, where is Foghorn Leghorn from, anyway? We know he's from the South, but where in the South? As I was standing in the office of Richard Boyd, a long-time Southerner, I asked him.

Me: "What state is Foghorn Leghorn from?"
Richard: "Mississippi."

The interesting thing was that there was absolutely no delay in his answer. He didn't have to think about it for more than a couple of tenths of a second.

Me: "How do you know that? His accent? His vocabulary?"
Richard: "His speech mannerisms."

Richard thought about it a few seconds more and said, "Alabama. He could also be from Alabama."

A bit of Googling led to the Foggy FAQ, which had the following to say:

Where does Foghorn Leghorn live? Some assume that he must be from the south -- because of his southern mannerisms and such, but in reality he appears to move around. For example, his address is Cucamonga, California on a telegram from Rhode Island Red, however in Dixie Fryer he flies to south of the "Masie-Dixie line" to get "out of the deep freeze and into the deep south" indicating he is from the northern half of the US, and not Cucamonga. In at least one other cartoon he talks about going south to get warm, and in yet another Weasel While You Work he seems at home in winter weather. And of course, he is driven to woo Miss Prissy in order to get into her warm henhouse before winter arrives in both Strangled Eggs and Little Boy Boo. So in conclusion, while he may have been born and raised in the south, he seems to move around during the various cartoons.
Not really much of an answer. I'm going with Richard's theory that he's from Mississippi or Alabama.

Interestingly, my small sampling of Foghorn Leghorn-related Websites had an astonishingly high level of annoyances per site -- pop-up ads, Comet Cursor installation dialogs, and the like. Is there a correlation between Foghorn Leghorn fans (which I, despite having written this, am not to any special degree) and this sort of behavior? When it comes down to it, Foghorn is generally a fairly obnoxious fellow. Does this tell us something about his most rabid fans? (Please, before I get hate mail, I'm just offering a theory here.)

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