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Earthlink Woes

This is frustrating. Instead of writing away, knowing that my blog is going live, I'm still dealing with technical and other similar issues.

After two contacts with Earthlink support representatives this weekend, ending with the determination that I needed to have my domain hosting account reactivated, I called this morning and spoke with a customer service representative who couldn't even find my account. I gave up and IM'd my brother, who works for Earthlink, and asked him to help. No problem. He did some investigation, made a phone call, and transferred me to a customer service representative. "Great," I thought. "This will be fixed soon!" Not so fast. She told me that she needed to transfer me to yet another representative. There's a pause. Someone new answers and says that he has been told that I'd like to "discuss domain hosting options" with him. That's it. No mas.

I have officially given up on Earthlink as a domain hosting service. I'm going to try to find a provider with better service, and hopefully lower prices to boot. If I can do so, then all will end well... but it's still fairly frustrating at the moment.

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