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Blogged for the Very First Time

Joi Ito, whom I've mentioned in this blog more than once, has written the first blog entry about my blog. It's an interesting experience to be, well, reviewed in that way. Given the nature of blogs, it's a much more personal experience than having your software product reviewed, which has happened to me hundreds of times. Unless your blog is pure news gathering, with little or no commentary, it's almost as if you're being reviewed as a person.

Frank, who told me, "Oh No. Now all you'll be thinking about is whether something will be material for your blog," when I told him about my blog, has started his own blog.
I specifically feared a variant of Amway Syndrome. From what I've seen, Amway Syndrome proceeds in two stages. In the first stage, everyone begins looking like a potential Amway distributor (therefore building up the pyramid of people feeding one commissions). Social interactions of almost any duration become opportunities on pitching people to become distributors. In the second stage, one selects social interactions based on the likelihood they will offer additional pitching opportunities.

With respect to blogging, I can't speak for Joi, but I think I've leveled off at stage one. I do certainly look at both information on the Web and social interactions from real life as potential blog material. I don't think it's such a bad thing. (It's certainly less evil than Amway.) I honestly can't see myself proceeding to stage two, but if I did, given that the criterion for evaluation is "how interesting would other people find this," it probably wouldn't be an awful thing.

I met Frank through our mutual friend Hiroshi Lockheimer when they both worked for Be Inc. Frank was in charge of marketing and communications and they asked me to be on Be's advisory board. I was the first and last advisory board member I think. Anyway, since then we've kept in touch and Frank co-founded AirEight with his old pals from Virtus. I'm on the advisory board for AirEight as well. Looking at the web page, you might think that all they do is sponsor race cars, but they are actually doing some cool things. ;-)
Note to self: add recent news stories to the AirEight site. I meant to get that done last week. That will teach me.
Frank has a very geeky style that is really my favorite part of the US technology entrepreneurship thing, but he seems to feel a bit self-conscious about it.
Isn't the idea to be a geek but not look like (or be otherwise instantly recognizable as) one? Take a look at the picture of Neal Stephenson on the back of Cryptonomicon for an example of this.
Another mutual friend we have is Michael Backes who David Smith describes as the only person he knows with terminal ADD.
This is amusing, in the sense that someone on chemotherapy would say "You're dying sooner than me!" to a friend in a hospice.
They both worked at Virtus. There something about people who worked at Virtus that I can't put my finger on... They are all have kind of a wacky sense of humor and seem to be part of some big long drama that reminds me of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or something.
If we're all out of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, to which character does each of us correspond? I'm going to have to think about that.
Anyway, Frank's blog should be fun. I look forward to tracking it. You saw it here first. My first scoop. I blogged a blog first.
So now I know what it's like being blogged. I'm glad a friend blogged me first. Thanks, Joi.

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