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First, the obligatory blogchalking text:

Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: English, United States, Apex, Waterford Green, Frank, Male, 36-40!
So what is blogchalking, anyway? It's the first rough attempt to create a worldwide mechanism for bloggers to designate their geographical locations and then to enable users to search for blogs based on this location data. As I said, it's the first attempt, and it's a rough one, but it's a clever extension of the warchalking idea. Within a few months, it's a good bet we'll be able to search for blogs with parameters such as, "Find all the blogs within five miles of my current location," and get back reasonable results.

NYC Bloggers is much better implemented, but restricted to New York City. Will NYC Bloggers expand to take over the planet, or will its quality level be matched by blogchalk? Or, on the other hand, will hundreds of NYC Bloggers-like sites pop up to cover specific geographical areas in detail?

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