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A New Low for the Web

Actually, I don't think it's a new low... I have the feeling this page is a few years old. It's new to me, though. It's the Petition to Repeal the Nineteenth Amendment.

At first I was mildly amused by the inanity of it. After all, it's hard not to chuckle when you begin reading how women's suffrage is linked to increased murders, low SAT scores (interesting, that one), the decline of US banks, drunk driving fatalities, and so on. After reading through the petition, though, and scanning the rest of the site, the level of misogyny on display is breathtaking. Do people exist who believe this? The author of the site must, unless it's subtle parody. The signers of the petition must, unless they were joking.

It's frightening to think that people exist who believe this stuff. I presume there aren't many of them, but that there are any is scary enough. We need a word that goes beyond "misogyny" to describe this.


Concerning you comments on "The Petition to Repeal the Nineteenth Amendment."

"Do people exist who believe this?"

People of good character and moral virtue do still exist. For woman to have authority over man is a serious sin. Woman suffrage glorifies that sin.

Do you agree with the site in question that giving women the vote is a cause of increased murders, low SAT scores, the decline of US banks, drunk driving fatalities, and other such societal ills? If so, what do you believe to be the causal link?

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