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Posting But Not Yet Publishing

I'm mostly operational now, and using Blogger Pro, obviously. I chose Blogger Pro because of its ease in setup and operation. If I was using Blog*Spot, I would have been up and running by Friday or so. Because I'm using an Earthlink-hosted domain, however, it took longer to get going -- not so much setting up the FTP parameters as tracking down and correcting a problem with my Earthlink account. Everything should be resolved by tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'm writing away.

This is only my third day working with Blogger Pro, and I can see plenty of opportunities for Pyra or others to extend the tool. They're working on comments, of course, which I am anxious to see -- I think much of the interest of having a blog will come from the contributions of and give-and-take with others. I'd also like to see built-in tools to easily manage links to favorite blogs and other Websites. I know there are third-party tools to do this sort of thing, but I'd much rather have it integrated with the Blogger Pro engine.

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