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Jet Lag

Bill and I returned to North Carolina from Tokyo yesterday and arrived early this morning. For the second time in two months, I flew American Airlines to JFK, then American Eagle from JFK to RDU. For the second time in two months, not only was my American Eagle flight delayed by weather, but the entire process was made more unpleasant by the lack of organization and ill manners displayed by the American Eagle employees at JFK. Given how much I generally like dealing with AA, at least compared to other airlines, I don't say this lightly.

Anyway, we were home by 00:30 this morning, which was better than my last trip, when I wasn't back until 02:30 or so.

Of course, my jet lag finally calmed down on the last night of my stay in Tokyo, so now I'm back to the sleepless nights. Is it just me, or does jet lag worsen with age? My first trip to Europe was on a military jet at the age of 18, and I don't remember a bit of lag then. When I was 30 and would travel to Europe from California, I'd adjust within two or three days. Now it takes me a week, which is usually just about how long I'm overseas. In other words, I adjust just as I'm about to return home.

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