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Choosing a Blogging Tool

I didn't actually start my blog yesterday as planned, nor today, so this is yet another back-dated entry. (I suppose that makes my blog nothing more than a pack of lies, but there you go.) Why the delay in implementation? Because the more research I did into blogging, the more technological choices I found, and the less sure I was of my decision.

Blogger seems to be the ease-of-use king, but perhaps lacking in some of the advanced features I'd like. Also, I'm not ecstatic about any of the templates provided, though this isn't the most critical issue.

movable type is recommended by Joi Ito and quite obviously incredibly flexible. However, movable type looks like a bit of work to set up -- perhaps a bit more than I should be taking on at first.

Radio UserLand is interesting, but I can't quite seem to pin it down. It's from Dave Winer, who clearly knows a thing or two about scripting and blogs, but what differentiates it from the other blogging tools out there?

As I haven't yet made up my mind, I'm still stuck making text entries and resigning myself to entering them later.

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